Blood Purifying Tonic 200ml

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What is Blood Purifying Tonic 200ml?

  • Blood Purifying Tonic

This combination contains those herbs which enhance the body’s ability to cleanse it self of toxic metabolic waste. Their effect is cleansing to all body tissues. When taking Blood Purifying Tonic you should begin to experience greater levels of energy, greater resistance to colds and flu with clearer eyes and skin. At some stage you may experience a cleansing reaction while your body decides to get rid of toxins that have been under the surface for awhile - this is always good and complete health should follow.

Blood Purifying Tonic is one of our key formulas prescribed to almost all of our patients. We have found that in almost all cases that the root cause of most people’s illnesses comes from an excess amount of toxins within the body.

We use this product to gently deal with these toxins by naturally and safely stimulating the body’s own elimination channels.

Product contents: burdock root, dandelion root, echinacea, licorice root, sarsaparilla, red clover and oregon grape, colloidal minerals and vegetable glycerine.

Recommended for: This product is used to purify an impure blood stream. All conditions have their origins in the bowel and blood. This product gently stimulates the body’s natural processes to eliminate excess toxins which then allows the body to heal.

Dosage: Take 10ml twice daily

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