Fish Grow Granules 1Kg

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What is Fish Grow Granules 1Kg?

Improves Pond water nutrition , minerals availability and absorption. Improves shell formation and promotes disease resistance. Improves feed conversion ratio. Promotes growth and weight gain. Improves healthy eroskeleton formation and regulates moulting. Reduces or eliminates toxic Amonia , Hydrogen Sulfide & other obnoxious gases. Degrades organic waste. Stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria. Promotes healthy aquatic environment. Increase FCR survival rate there by resulting in better yield. Controls soil and water pollution thus reduces frequency of water exchange. Reduce the montality rate.
Each 100gm Magnesium Sulphate 2 gm Choline Chloride 3 gm Phyllanthus Niruri 2 gm Copper 0.25 gm Cobalt 1 gm Forus 0.5 gm Phosphorus 1 gm Calcium Chloride 1 gm Sinc 3 gm Vitamin B12 200 mcg Vitamin A 160000 IU Carbohydrate 2 gm Calcium 14 gm Yeast Live 10 gm Excipient qs
Benefits:- Improvise Ruminal Activity Improve Appetite , Feed in take and Immunity Support Calcium and Phosphorus Absorption Helpful in water PH Management Direction For Usage And Dosage :- 100 gm. Granules small type of 1000 Fish 100 gm. Granules medium type of 700 Fish 100 gm. Granules long type of 400 Fish

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Also Available in 100 gm , 500 gm , 10 kg , 25 kg

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