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  • Golden supercharged Health Tonic

 Traditional Solutional Beverages Body Health Tonic

 Enhance Performance


A brand-ARR

1. Enrich health, increase immunity, relieve pain & ache.

2. Adjust body's equilibrium (Hot-Cold) working in coordination.

3. Drive and clean toxins out off the body and strengthen new cells.

Golden Supercharged Health Tonic  (10ml) twice a day will benefits to the following conditions:

Improve or cure chronic allergy and asthma, Lung Problem, Blood Vessels,

Improve memory and immune system

Alleviate arthritis, back pain, lower back pain and sprain

Improve or cure liver disease (type B & C) pre or intermediate stage

Improve digestive system & neutralize excessive stomach acid

Improve kidney function, virility and sexual stamina

Reduce prostate enlargement, improve urine flow, control premature ejaculation & prolong erection.

Prevent all kinds of cancer

Reduce or stop uterus cyst growth

Regulate and balance hormone & reduce pain when cramping

Cure eyes disease & improve hearing impairment

Reduce blood cholesterol and normalize blood sugar, Improve Circulation By Thinning The Blood, Symptoms Of Premenstrual Syndrome

Improve overall circulation system for those with poor blood circulation

Improve numbness and cold extremities

Improve sleeplessness during the night.

Improve or cure haemorrhoid

Improve  Depression, Diabetes, Fatigue,High Cholesterol, Upper Respiratory Tract Infections.

Improve  Heart Function :- Heart Disease , Chest Pain, Blood Purifier

Improve :- Anti-Aging, Anti-Inflammatory Effects, Hormone Secretion In The Body, Prevents Epileptic Fits, Prevents Hysteric Attacks, Relieve From Nervous Spasms, Stimulation Of Metabolism, Treatment Of Headache, Treatment Of Insomnia, Skin From Dryness

Improve . Eczema And Hair Loss, Dental Caries

Improve .  Chronic Renal Disease ,Senile Constipation, Increasing Learning, Memorizing Ability, Treating Alzheimer's

Improve . Gastrointestinal Problems, Food Poisoning, Stomach Ulcers, Heartburn

Eliminate drug addiction & alcoholic

Eliminate unwanted fat in the body

Promote overall physical fitness as youthful

Satisfaction Guarantee!


Shake well before each use.

Get up in morning tonic  (10ml) and drink a glass warm water.

Before go to sleep at night, drink  and a glass of warm water.

If you're using modern medicine, use as prescribed by the doctor,

but do not take it at the same time. 1-2 hours interval.

The open potion could be kept for three months. Keep in a refrigerator after each use.

Observation While Take Golden Supercharged Health Tonic  Potion

While Taking Golden Supercharged Health Tonic  Potion, If You May Have Headache, Fever, Pain Or Any Unusual Symptom, This Is A Good Sign That Golden Supercharged Health Tonic  Is Working To Improve Your Condition. Please Continue To Use The  Potion.

When You Become Normally Healthy, It Is Recommended To Use 10ml Daily To Maintain Good Health And Physical Fit.

Material : More than 30 kinds of  herbs

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    using this for first time . Good product .
    Review by RK on 08-02-2021

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