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What is Nirgundi Juice 500ml?

Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory

Nirgundi works well to provide relief from pain. It reduces pain and inflammation of the muscles and the joints caused due to injury as well as internal ailments. It works well to heal fractures too. Ulcers can treated by consuming nirgundi products as well.

Improves Fertility Levels

Fertility is a major concern for many women. It not only limits a person’s health and bodily functions but also her emotions and her social conditions. It has been seen that consuming nirgundi has improved the fertility levels in many women and helped them conceive.

Treating Skin Diseases

A range of skin diseases can be treated using nirgundi. Vitiligo, leuchoderma and leprosy are treated using thus plant and its products.

Control PMS

Women often experience severe emotional, mental and physical turmoil in the days before they start menstruating. Symptoms of PMS such as anxietydepression and fluid retention can be dealt more smoothly with nirgundi. On a regular consumption a person may also heal completely and not have any further symptoms of PMS.

Helps in Digestion

Nirgundi is an excellent remedy for digestive disorders. It helps to strengthen and improve the functioning of the digestive system. It reduces gas formation and increases appetite. The plant extracts acts effectively in stomach pain caused due to problems in digestion and swelling of the belly for the formation of gas. It cleanses the digestive system.

Ease Respiratory System

Using nirgundi as an herbal tea helps decongest the respiratory tract by removing phlegm from it. This helps open passages for air to pass improving the ventilation and normalises the breathing. This attribute of nirgundi makes it a favoured ingredient in Ayurvedic products which targets respiratory diseases such as bronchitisasthma and pneumonia.

Treats Menopausal Symptoms

Menopause is a physically and emotionally disturbing phase for a lot of women. The body undergoes a significant change after a certain age and a woman stops menstruating. This change occurs due to the change in the hormonal balance in a woman’s body. Nirgundi promotes progesterone secretion and hence aids in the transition process and prevents its side effects such as mood swings, vaginal dryness and hot flashes.


Acne is a serious concern for a lot of people. Pimples break out at any time and not only are they ugly but also painful. PMS causes acne and pimples in a lot of women. It has been seen that nirgundi has a healing effect on acne caused due to hormonal changes.

Heals Wounds

The anti-bacterial, analgesic and anti-inflammatory property of nirgundi makes it an excellent ingredient for healing wounds. It prevents the wounds from getting infected and also helps avoid bad smell. It helps reduce pain and inflammation in the affected area.

Nirgundi is an extremely beneficial plant. It not only has medicinal benefits but also various others uses like keeping its dried leaves in between clothes that are stored for a long period of time prevents insects from damaging them, also burning the leaves of this plant works as an extremely effective mosquito repellent. The leaves of nirgundi are used as bio pesticides and insecticides. The chemicals used to ward away pests and insects are bad for the environmental as well as human health and it is always better to use natural alternatives to these.

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