Nutra Plus Tonic 500ml

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What is Nutra Plus Tonic 500ml?

Cleansing ( 30 days) 

  • Toxins damages our organs , Nutra Plus Tonic gets rid of accumulated toxins stored in our body.
  • Vital organs begin to cleanse the tissues.
  • Our body may experience discomfort as it may starts to expell toxins out from our body.

Nourishing (60 days) 

  • Cleansing has been completed.
  • Now the body begins to improve its functions at a cellular level.
  • Major organs and tissues are reactivated.
  • Energy level begin to rise.

Strengthening ( 90 days)

  • Body begins to regain optimal health.
  • Vital body organs are completely restored.
  • Rebuilding our body’s 8 biological system.

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