Poultry Master Powder 1 kg

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What is Poultry Master Powder 1 kg?

Supports to optimize corn soya digestibility. Supports to degrade NSPs and reduce gut vislosity Multi – enzyme preparation specially for Broilers and Eggs Production. Global patent for molecular structure unique chemicals structure ensuring high stability in water , all ph condition , premixex and feed. Supports better FCR and body weight Supports excellent productivity index Supports stronger eggs Supports improved production Supports better immunity Supports to reduce colonization of harmful panthogen Supports to competitively exclude panthogen from the gut Supports to enhance nutrient availability. Supports to release the hidden nutrients for better nutrient utilization. Energy storage Protein carbohydrate and fat metabolism Brain development Cell signating Lipid (fat) transport and metabolism Liver function Muscle movement Nerve Function Normal Metabolism Prevention of birth defects Protein Metabolism Red Blood cell formation

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