Utra Care Liquid 500 ml

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What is Utra Care Liquid 500 ml?

Facilitate Expulsion of Retained Placenta Utracare liquid is an herbal embolic tonic to stimulate uterine muscles and facilitate easily expulsion of retained placenta . It is helpful during and before parturition stimulates timely involution of placenta , maintain secretion of lothal discharge , protect from pain , inflammation and microbial infection , and stimulates regeneration of metritis , endometritis and pyometra to protect from excess bleeding , anaemic condition and uterine disorders and to keep animal active , healthy and stress free.

Helps in keeping uterus wall healthy. Helps in preventing from excessive bleeding. Helps in support of partition process. Helps in maintaining immunity. Helps in keeping Fetus and Motherfit. Helps in promoting ovulation.

Store below 30 degree Celsius Store in a cool & dry place and protect from direct sunlight , keep out of reach of children.

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