Well Amino Plus Liquid 500 ml

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What is Well Amino Plus Liquid 500 ml?

Well Amino Plus is a comprehensive preparation to enhance natural protective mechanism and improves physiologicals resistance against infections. It better reproduction and normal growth helps in improving resistance against infection and enhances the growth of intestinal microflora for better and intake absorption and digestion . It support healthy reproduction promote fertility and new born , improve milk production , appetite helps to overcome stress and inflamation improve endurance activity and strengthen udder tissues and muscles.
Comprehensive formulation fat soluble liquid and Amino acids.
Store below 30 degree Celsius. Store in a cool & dry place and protect from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.
Helps to keep free from stess. Helps in maintaining milk yield. Supports optimum nutrient absorption maintain facility. Supports better feed efficiency and FCR help to strengthen bones,muscles and tissues.

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