Well Grow B - Plex 5 Litre

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What is Well Grow B - Plex 5 Litre?

Vitamin B Complex Tonic With Liquid Amino Acid To Keep Animal Energised. Well Grow B- Plex :- Is a combination of Vitamin - B complex with Vitamin – C Flavonoids . It helps in feed conversion into fuel that helps in keeping them energetic as well as promotes scavenging oxygen free radicals which in other hand helps in generating new cells. It supports normal functioning of Nervous System and Immune System. It helps in keeping target animals free from risk of stress and infection , support better growth and performance and improves milk yield , meat quality and self life. Benefits: For better live ability. For better growth and production . For new cells formation. For healthy breeding and immune. For proper metabolic processes. For optimum milk yield and meat quality.

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