Wormi Free Powder 100 gm

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What is Wormi Free Powder 100 gm?

Broad spectrum anthelmintic for pets and animals. Ideal treatment to worms and other indo parasites. Wormi free is acting safely against as follows : 1.} Tape Worms ( Taenia Pisiformis) 2.} Round Worms ( Toxocaracanis , Toxascarisleonina) 3.} Hook Worms (Ancylostoma Caninum , Uncinaria Stenocephala) 4.} Wip Worms ( Trichuris Vulpis) Very effective and safe combination of ayurvedic blends for your pets and animals.
Caeslpina Bonduc 2gm. Wrightia Tindorsa 1gm. Centratherum Anthelmintscum 2gm. Aloevera 300mg. Azadirachta Indica 1.5gm. Citrullus Colocynthis 1gm. Embelica – Ribes 1.5 Seema Dexandrina 500mg. Butea Monosperma 200mg. Excipient qs Dosage : Cows & Buffaloes : 30 gm twice daily for 2 days. Sheep, Goat & Calf : 15 gm twice daily for 2 days. Or as directed by the Veterinarian.

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